Shaping the future
of banking, together

Fabrick is an open financial ecosystem that enables and fosters
a fruitful exchange between players that discover, collaborate
and create innovative solutions for end customers, through an
API platform.

Shaping finance, together.

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What can we do for you?

Banks and
Financial Institutions

Make your business grow thanks to the access to a vast ecosystem of quality services and to an easy and time/cost-effective compliance.

Share your APIs and use the other players APIs and adhere to the compliance.

Let us help you to create quality products and services for your clients.

Fintechs, System integrators,

Build new products and services thanks to the network effect that fosters collaboration and contamination among the best talents of the financial sector and beyond.

Access to our platform and API catalog, build something new with our assets.

Improve your time to market and create a long vision business plan.

Corporates and
final customers

Simplify your everyday routine thanks to efficient and tailor-made solutions created starting from your needs, open up to a new financial culture based on collaboration that generates a permanent value.

Reduce operational costs with the platform solutions.

Enhance and optimize your business due to improving the customer experience.

Fabrick Platform is the technological backbone empowering the Fabrick ecosystem, connecting its players to enable their business models and use-cases.

We provide an open, participative, open API based, plug-and-play technological infrastructure for producers and consumers to plug into and interact with each other, orchestrating value-exchanging interactions in the fintech ecosystem.

Producers are able to create and capture value in the most effective way ever: If you are a bank, a fintech or an independent developer, Fabrick Platform is the monetization platform you were looking for. On the other side, consumers can easily connect their value chains with the platform, build products and services on top of it, and co-create value. Corporates and fintechs can now solve time-to-market issues and test new business models.

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Access our APIs

Our service helps enabling your business model through our APIs we provide easy-access endpoints to otherwise complex services, allowing your business logic to directly interact with the Fabrick ecosystem. With few lines of code you will have access to the services of our API producers directly from your application logic, right where you need to bring integration with your value chain partners. Accessing your bank account directly from your ERP, reconciling your invoices, and automating your payments: all these operations have never been so easy and accessible.

Share your APIs

If you provide a useful service that can be part of our ecosystem, get in touch with us.

We base our platform on the notion of openness: every player can become a producer of APIs to add value to the whole ecosystem.

Being part of Fabrick Platform helps to scale up innovation and enables exponential growth by connecting with other banks and collaborating with fintechs to build great value-added services.

Our solutions

we provide a standardized and fully compliant set of APIs to expose the PSD2 functionalities from your bank (we adopt the Berlin Group standard). Just plug-in your legacy systems and gain instantaneous access to the new interconnected world of open banking.
The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solution is the first SCF Platform built around digital collaboration between companies. The SCF Platform is designed to make B2B relations smoother and more secure. It aims to solve the main collaborative issues regarding B2B collaboration: process automation, easy access to finance via intuitive UX and streamlined relationships with customers and suppliers. The SCF Platform is designed to support all the requirements of the financial supply chain, from invoice discounting to payments reconciliation, from dynamic discounting to B2B payments and collection. All the functionalities and services are delivered through the API platform, making the integration with Corporate Applications and Banking Systems seamless and easy to automate.
A solution to plug-in a white-label suite of features on your existing core banking systems or to build your challenger bank without the need of a complete core banking system.
The SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) solution allows a fully automated integration of direct debit payments collection and monitoring. This solution is designed to support the collection of recurring payments for the subscriptions of your customers, to help your investors in submitting funds, or to help automating any other payment collection scenario.
Split Payments for Marketplaces is a powerful solution ideal to provide operational support to the online activity of marketplaces. It is particularly suited for those web platforms that engage both producers and consumers of goods and/or services, requiring complex workflows to support the interactions among all the actors.
The Equity Crowdfunding Portals solution is designed to provide full support to the online operations of equity crowdfunding portals, according to the latest Italian CONSOB Regulation.

Our partners

offers electronic payment acceptance services, that allow a clear, simple and secure money payments, both through online and offline channels.


is a mobile only bank account connected to a prepaid MasterCard. It’s designed for being an everyday-banking-app that provides a new way to manage all banking operations.


is a commercial bank. It is recognized in the industry for its excellence in payment systems innovation, electronic commerce and private banking.


is a cutting-edge provider of solutions for omni-channel financial services & digital customer engagement, to major banks & retailers across Europe and Middle-East and Asia.


is a Fintech company that creates platforms and software solutions for the management of the supply
chain finance.


is a consulting and training company in innovation management, customer experience and design.


is an independent ecosystem created by Fabrick that wants to represent the Italian Fintech community world-wide. It aims to foster the aggregation of different actors and to promote the collaboration among them in order to shape the future of banking.


is a Venture Capital Advisory Firm, focused on digital technology and designs and develops open innovation programs both for corporates and institutional stakeholders.


supports their customers in analycs , business intelligence and the best technologies that can enable their business model.


Our successful case studies

TIMpay - Hype

TIMpay is the new mobile banking solution launched by the telco group in partnership with Hype. Tim mobile customers can request a prepaid virtual card based on a Mastercard circuit and access services for money management and smartphone payments.


Rethink the banking universe

To go beyond the traditional role of the bank as a financial transaction enabler and supplier of products, gaining a profound positioning within the lives of users, it’s an opportunity. It is also urgent to make the business of the banks leaner, more efficient, optimizing expenses, compensating absent expertise with a logic of networking.
It is in this context that Fabrick was born, the future of the financial world. Thanks to this new ecosystem it is possible to imagine innovative business models and new ways of collaboration between all the players in the market, converting complexity into simplicity, competition into virtuous cooperation, closure to aperture, the impersonality of technology with the uniqueness of talent. Together.

Fabrick is an independent and neutral ecosystem
That comes to life from the experience of Sella: a name with a history and financial experience that is more than centennial.

Innovation has always been in the DNA of the Group
A continuous creator of pioneering solutions that have gained a very large success, so much so that they become eradicated in daily habits and commodities that are indispensable.

Fabrick and Fintech District

The Fintech District is an initiative created by Sella and Copernico, that wants to represent the Italian Fintech community worldwide. It aims to foster the aggregation of different actors and to promote the collaboration among them in order to shape the future of banking. Today the Fintech District is an independent ecosystem itself where Fabrick is a peer partner in supporting the growth of the financial sector: the Fintech District as an aggregative tool necessary to stimulate collaboration.
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