Fabrick provides a B2B2C ecosystem of competences, technologies and services to banks, companies and fintechs to empower them all to collaborate, create and discover customized financial solutions. Through the API platform and the additional services provided by the ecosystem we help you to match and cross-fertilize every solution.

We truly believe that being an ecosystem is the new way of doing banking: open, modular and data driven.

Shaping finance, together.

Rethinking the

banking universe.

It is an opportunity that goes beyond the traditional role of the bank as a financial transaction enabler and supplier of products. It is also urgent to make the business of banks leaner, more efficient, optimizing expenses, compensating absent expertise with a networking way of doing business.

The ecosystem makes it possible to imagine innovative business models and new ways of cooperation between all the players in the market, converting complexity into simplicity, competition into virtuous cooperation, closure into opening and the impersonality of technology with the uniqueness of talent.

Fabrick is an independent and neutral ecosystem that comes to life thanks to the experience of Sella: a name with a centennial history of financial experience that has had innovation in their DNA since the very beginning.

The era of monolithic services is over: the new way of banking is based on openness towards collaboration with third parties, fintechs, big tech operators as well as also with traditional competitors and insurance companies, putting first above all, the customer and their needs at the core.

Our founders

Companies and brands that have believed in our idea since its very inception. They are the core of our ecosystem, the service providers and the guarantor of everything we do.


A new platform for payments acceptance from all physical and digital channels in a clear, simple and secure way. Knowing and understanding all the aspects related to the world of payments requires time, energy and constant information. Payment acceptance is a valuable asset for the growth and development of any business. Managers, e-commerce owners, "mobile" workers and small shop owners, all have the possibility to connect with their target market in a simple and easy way, while staying focused on their business. It is now possible with Axerve.

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It is a mobile only bank account connected to a prepaid MasterCard. It is designed to be an everyday-banking-app that provides a new way to manage money, making all banking operations easier, faster and cheaper.

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Sella is a banking group composed of a variety of avant-garde companies, in particular in the retail banking, payment systems, online trading, private & wealth management as well as in the open banking platform industry. Since 1886 through innovation and openness Sella has been helping its customers to fulfill their ambitions

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It is a cutting-edge provider of solutions for omni-channel financial services & digital customer engagement, to major banks and retailers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Vipera mission is to build new engagement models and customer journeys around the worlds of payments, lending and financial services through the assembly of the services available in the Fabrick platform.

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A Fintech company that creates platforms and digital solutions which simplify and streamline Supply Chain Finance. Its aim is to enable companies and financial institutions to collaborate across the supply chain effectively through better payments and documents’ management leveraging a smarter use of data. Kubique’s solutions are designed around the needs of corporations and SMEs of optimizing their working capital positions and achieving faster and easier access to finance

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Is a strategy and design team of consultants who provide organizations across industries with strategic frameworks and design tools apt to shift mindsets and implement continuous innovation. Through methods like Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking, InnoBlue Labs helps companies:
• build and maintain a distinctive market positioning
• create significant customer experiences
• adapt to change quickly

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Is a Venture Capital Advisory Firm, focused on digital technology and design. It develops open innovation programs both for corporate and institutional stakeholders.

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Supports customers in analytics, business intelligence and the best technologies that can enable their business model.

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Fabrick consulting services

Supports companies in embracing digital transformation and business models innovation through collaborations with the ecosystem.

Fabrick and the

Fintech District

The Fintech District is a joint venture of Sella and Copernico representing the Italian Fintech community worldwide.

It aims to foster the aggregation of different players and to promote their partnership in order to shape the future of banking. Fabrick is a peer partner in supporting the growth of the financial sector.

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We foster an atmosphere where people can grow and flourish.

We absolutely believe that we are better together.

Whether you are an intern or a senior, everyone has their own ideas, perspective and passion to bring to the mix. Fabrick is first of all a community of more than x unique individuals and x partners. Together, we are one.

Fabrick’s aim is to keep on evolving to create the future of the banking world. You will find yourself in a dynamic and exciting context where you can flourish bringing your skills and expertizes. We want to provide you with a space for exploration, teamwork and innovation, a chance to combine diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas to make an impact.

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