Acquisition of Vipera plc

In July 2018, Vipera was acquired by Fabrick S.p.A.  Fabrick is a rapidly growing financial ecosystem that enables and fosters collaboration between its members to create innovative solutions for end-customers using APIs on a specialist Open Banking platform.

As well as continuing to grow its business through its own customer and partner network, Vipera will now also be positioned to exploit the synergies and opportunities that being part of Fabrick creates.

Information for Former Vipera plc shareholders.

Until 2018, shares in Vipera plc (“Vipera”) were traded in the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Pursuant to a recommended offer in April 2018, Vipera was acquired by Sella Open Fintech Platform S.p.A. (“SOFP”).



In July 2018, SOFP, having received acceptances in respect of over 90% of the shares to which the offer related, announced the compulsory acquisition of the remaining Vipera ordinary shares



The compulsory acquisition was executed on 10 September 2018, with the due consideration being held on trust. A final letter was sent to shareholders. This letter gives instructions to shareholders who have not yet accepted as to how to apply for a consideration payment.

Important: If you have not already accepted the acquisition of your shares, it is not too late to apply for the consideration payment.  Please follow the instructions in the Final Letter below.



It should be noted that SOFP has changed it name to Fabrick S.p.A. which is a part of the Banca Sella Group.

It should also be noted that on March 29 2019, Vipera PLC was re-registered as Vipera Ltd and that on October 29 2019 the company was closed following a cross-border merger into Fabrick Spa.