Customers, Accounts and Cards

Informational services on banking data

These API packages allow the access to the basic information set of customers, account list and credit, debit and prepaid card list. Personal and company information, related subjects, downloadable document list and fully detailed account and card lists are available to be directly integrated in your software.

All the functionalities are accessible also via third-party integration

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Customer Information

Access personal and business customer data, comprising of related subjects network with relationship types, downloadable document list and download PDF documents.

Account List

Retrieve the full account list, with specific details regarding account IBAN, type and status, as well as opening date.

Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card List

Get the full card list, with specific details regarding card masked PAN, validity, type and status.


Enhance your customer UX

This API package enables a full integration of the customer info into your software. Third-party mediated access constantly provides a security layer to safeguard your customer privacy and data protection while letting your software to safely access private data.

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