Equity Crowdfunding

Cash management for online equity crowdfunding portals

Equity Crowdfunding is a booming business. With this package of APIs, any “Opt-in” CONSOB-authorized portal will be able to find a completely automated solution for the management of campaigns: from the acceptance of payments of investment orders, to the verification of the status of transactions, to the finalization of the entire collection process.

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Fully automated solution for cash management

The Equity Crowdfunding solution enables any ""Opt-in"" and authorized portal in compliance with the CONSOB Italian Regulation to easily manage the creation, acceptance, monitoring and cash-out of the payments of investment orders created by investors on the online portal.

Dedicated APIs for equity crowdfunding

The integration is easy and seamless, since the service provides APIs to handle high-level object such as Investors, Campaigns, Orders and Payments. No need to tackle complex logic or low-level details. Every step of the investment process is made easy by providing the corresponding action: the finalization of a campaign, for example, requires just one simple call.

Multi-channel acquisition

Payments of investment orders may be accepted via multiple channels: traditional money transfers and even VISA and MasterCard international circuits.

Integrated fee splitting options

You can collect both investment fees from your investors and the success fees from the collecting companies. The Equity Crowdfunding solution is fully customizable, and instructions for fee collection may be very specific, even order-by-order.


Full compliance to Italian CONSOB Regulation

The Equity Crowdfunding solution is natively designed to be fully compliant to the CONSOB Regulation for Italian Equity Crowdfunding Portals, enabling the money collection operations of your online portal through the integration of simple APIs.

No need to worry about dedicate accounts for money collection

The onboarding process of capital-collecting companies is made easy by Banca Sella, comprising of AML checks.

Automatic reconciliation of order payments

Every investment order payment is automatically reconciled by the system, easing the burden of manual matching of incoming money transfers or credit card transactions.

Easy management of money returns

When in need of returning order payments to the investors, either because of campaign failure or investor withdrawal decision, the already accepted payments can be easily returned through one simple API call. Each payment is given back through the same channel by which it was originally received, minimizing your investors’ discomfort.

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