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For independent financial advisor companies

A solution supporting the integrated operation of independent financial advisory companies, providing support for accessing customers’ security accounts portfolio, status of execution orders and management of investment advices.

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Access to financial instrument directory

An easy-to-access directory of financial instruments with detailed information. The access to the directory can be simply integrated via API within your advisory platform, enabling the analysis for better investment advices.

Access to customer securities accounts and portfolio

Allow your consultants to easily access the full list of any customer’s securities accounts, together with their investment portfolio and status of order execution. You can also complement the portfolio information together with the last closing prices of the financial instruments for a near-realtime evaluation of your customer’s portfolio.

Management of investment advices

You can easily create investment advices based on the information from the customer’s portfolio. Once advices have been created, your customers may accept or deny. Status changes of advices are tracked and information can be retrieved via API to update the actions of your customers.


Ready for third-party access

All the functionalities are ready to be embedded in a third-party platform, enabling a full integration of the core investment functionalities within your advisory platform. Let your advisors authenticate through a secure login and act only on their customer base, by design.

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