For corporates and final customers
Fabrick fosters dialogue and cooperation between the best financial and non-financial players: access and contribute to craft efficient and tailored solutions, simplify your processes and increase the effectiveness of your results.

Maximizing the potential of each

player, guaranteeing independence

and autonomy at the same time.

Accounting solutions for SMEs

Discover the advantages of a partner that is an expert in simplification.

Fabrick helps you to enhance your organizational processes, avoiding to waste time and resources in activities that have no added value as well as to access multi-bank services, thanks to a single access point for all your products,

plug and play solutions that may be easily integrated within your company’s characteristics and existing technological systems thus producing efficiency in a quick manner.

Payment and collection platform

The digital age is first and foremost the ability to simplify processes, leverage skills, and facilitate interactions effectively.

The payment & collection platform is a powerful engine, which helps large and complex organizations with distributed networks of agents and outlets,

effectively harmonize internal accounting and smooth relations with internal and external obligations(manage, payment, fee, internal accounting, harmonization).

Payment gateway as white label

Change your perspective on adhering to compliance: from an expensive and complex process to a tailor-made and cost-effective opportunity.

We can offer you an easy and tested solution, which allows you to quickly adapt to the regulations, maintaining your independence and personality.

We are a flexible and innovative ecosystem that guarantees you will always be up-to-date with new and useful information and services to consolidate the relationships with your customers.

Smart bank in a white label

Adhere to a customized offer based on your needs, with the guarantee of a solid financial background.

By analyzing the API made available by the various players on the platform, Fabrick is able to identify the areas of greatest interest for your customers. Drawing on the skills and products that are present in the ecosystem,

Fabrick can tailor the most suitable and efficient proposals, allowing you to offer your customers real added value services.

Smart banking projects starting from white label solutions

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