Fabrick Customers:

Analysis, control and security for document certification

Genio Diligence operates in Italy as a major player in document certification for anti-fraud purposes in the credit mediation segment. Its services make it possible to analyse any economic-credit document and to ascertain the correctness, validity and conformity of its contents.

Key Features

Genio Diligence chose Fabrick to innovate its client information verification and certification processes. By seizing the opportunity of PSD2, Genio Diligence is able to strengthen its core services of document due diligence.

Leveraging its partnership with Fabrick, Genio Diligence expands its offering by defining additional services based on the aggregation of transaction data to define a model aimed at preventing fraud.

Through Fabrick Pass, the company also expands its service portfolio to include new use cases for onboarding, monitoring and laying the foundations for the development of new scoring models.

Why did Genio Diligence choose Fabrick as a partner?

“We are excited about the partnership with Fabrick, it allows us to take advantage of regulatory opportunities to deploy innovative tools that increase value in Genio’s proposition to the market. The choice of Fabrick Pass represents a further step in our commitment to offer our customers additional, secure and comprehensive services.”
Daniele Giuliani, CEO, Genio Diligence.


Through Fabrick Pass, Genio Diligence was able to offer an additional and innovative step in the core processes of document due diligence, analysing the financial position and preventing fraud from document tampering.
Thanks to the partnership with Fabrick Genio Diligence provides the client with a user experience with no breaking point. In addition, the whole process of adopting the solution allowed Genio Diligence to minimise all those complexities that often arise from a legal point of view.

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