Workspace breakdown

By clicking on “Workspace breakdown”, visible in the pop-up that appears after selecting the 3 dots to the right of the Workspace’s name, you can access the details of the workspace.

Once inside this section, the following information regarding each Shop, a Workspace containing a Group of Shops, or a custom Workspace, depending on the context, can be found:

  • Type
    Channel type (Ecommerce, Physical or Omnichannel) with which the workspace is associated.
  • Added on
    The addition date and time.
  • Shop login
    The unique code that identifies the Shop or the service associated with it.
  • ID
    The unique code assigned to the workspace by Axerve.

Furthermore, the "Show all data" button can be clicked under every Shop that contains the following data:

  • ID
    The store identification code.
  • URL
    The web address of the Shop.
  • IP
    The IP address of the Shop.
  • Certified Email
    The certified e-mail address of the Shop.
  • City
    The city where the Shop is.
  • Address
    The address of the Shop.
  • Postcode
    The zip code of the Shop.
  • Manager's phone number
    The manager's telephone number.
  • Manager's e-mail
    The manager's email address.

The Users List

The first tab available in this section is called “Users” and contains the list where it is possible to view all the users associated and enabled in the Workspace in question.

The information below, which can be consulted in the list, is potentially available for a single Shop, a Group of Shops, or for a Custom Workspace, depending on the context:

  • Name and e-mail
    The person's name and e-mail address.
  • Role
    The role associated with the single user, one of the following three:
    Administrator (assigned by Axerve). 
  • Controls
    The controls indicate the permissions assigned to the workspaces within the Dashboard and can be one of 3:

More information on the "Controls" functions can be found in the dedicated FAQ: User Controls in the Dashboard.

By clicking on the three dots to the right of each individual entry and on "View details" you can view the details regarding the users, or remove the user from the Workspace in question, by clicking on "Remove from this workspace". Once removed, the user will no longer be able to view the stores in the Workspace.

Shops List

The last box called "Shops" allows you to view the list of Shops available in a given Workspace. The information that can be consulted in this list can only refer to Groups of Shops, or to Custom Workspaces.

The list of Shops available for the Workspace contains the following information:

  • NAME
    The name of the store in question.
    The unique code that identifies the Shop or the service associated with it.
  • TYPE
    The type of channel assigned to the store.
    The date and time of creation.

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