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Equity Crowdfounding

If you are an Equity Crowdfunding portal, registered with the Italian Consumer Authority CONSOB, and you do verify investors, the Fabrick solution is the first, fully automatized service for the creation, management, and closure of collection campaigns.


Discover the Equity Crowdfunding solutions that Fabrick offers you. On this page, there are all those currently available.

Equity Crowdfunding Portals

Crowdfunding is a booming business. And Equity is also very delicate. With this package of APIs, any “Opt In” CONSOB-authorized portal will be able to find a completely automated solution for the management of campaigns: from opening specific-purpose accounts, to verify the status of transactions, to wrapping up the entire process.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway REST APIs are currently under development. You can refer to the following link for the documentation of the SOAP web services on GestPay website. GestPay API Documentation

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