For fintechs, developers and third parties Fabrick encourages to meet with a new audience of customers, markets and players, which creates the ideal context where to develop new business relationships, increase scalability and reduce the time-to-market. Networking with the best players guarantees that your business receives maximum visibility and exponential growth.

Maximizing the potential of each
player, guaranteeing independence
and autonomy at the same time.

Equity crowdfunding

The crowdfunding market is a booming reality, in Europe and worldwide. Equity crowdfunding is rapidly gaining ground as one of the most interesting alternatives to stock exchanges for private companies to acquire capital from the market.

The Equity Crowdfunding Engine built by Fabrick is a fully compliant process of account creation, investment management, and collection campaign control tool, which allows to automate the entire process and help

Crowdfunding focus on its core activity: promote companies and find investors.

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E-commerce marketplace

The eCommerce phenomenon is today at least a generation old. And as such, and as Amazon has plowed the way, the marketplace business model is rapidly gaining:

ground a means through which technological and digital enablers allow more distant and smaller players onto the internet to sell their wares by simply

extracting a fee for every operation.(long-tail of the market).

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Account aggregation (Multibank management)

The opportunities opened by the PSD2 regulation are first and foremost tied to the ability of dealing with more financial institutions through a unique application interface.

Effectively offering Multibank services will foster completion and specialization of banking products, offering companies

the ability to coherently manage multiple accounts and placements distributed around the SEPA area.

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KYC services

Know Your Customer is not merely a regulatory compliance issue.

It is indeed the basic block on which to build an effective and reliable customer base, regardless of the financial product. Fabrick’s APIs are an easy-to-use solution,

which allows to quickly set-up a state-of-the-art tool that can handle large swathes of requests in real time, guarantee compliance, and be flexible enough to be plugged in any CRM configuration.

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