Challenger Bank Infrastructure

Build your own fully-fledged challenger bank

We enable the creation of your own branded challenger bank, providing access to core banking systems. Let your digital solution grow around the basic building block of account & card, by adding advanced services as account aggregation, categorization, saving targets, financial calendar and many others.

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Account & Card for your customer

Account and card are the basic building blocks around which you can build the digital offer for your customers. Accounts can be customized, as being lightweight e-money accounts or fully-fledged cash accounts, as well as cards can be credit, debit or prepaid personal and/or business cards. Enrich your offer with additional value added modules.

Account Aggregation

Our solution already takes advantage of full PSD2 readiness and compliance: let your customers aggregate pre-existing account in other banks to have a unique point of access to their banking experience, all under your own brand.


Our AI-powered categorization engine helps your customers to take advantage of tag management, geo-location of expenses, shared expenses and other customizable business logic customizable upon your needs.


Custom Branding

Our solution is fully white label, so that you can create the digital bank experience for your customers using your own brand.

Advanced Insights and Budgeting

We have already developed and integrated advanced features like geofencing and geomapping, financial inflows and out flows analysis to enable advanced forecasting and spending insights with customizable alerting features.

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