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Payments are at the forefront of the digital revolution: with a fully customizable gateway, discover opportunities to manage credit cards, alternative payment systems, as well as innovative uses of traditional bank transfers and direct debits.


Discover the Payment solutions that Fabrick offers you. On this page, there are all those currently available.

SCT - SEPA Credit Transfer

To make a classical, ordinary bank wire transfer, this package allows you to prepare an order and send it via APIs.


This package of APIs allows you to perform an Instantaneous Cash transfer within the SEPA Area. Be advised that not all banks and Payment Service Providers in the SEPA area adhere to this scheme.

SDD - SEPA Direct Debit

These packages of APIs allow you to perform a SEPA Direct Debit within the SEPA Area. The Direct Debit tool is a “pull” cash transfer, where it is the creditor to initiate the payment from the debtor’s account. The two packages differ only for the ability to process legacy information sets (XML) and as well as offer more recent formats (JSON). Not all banks and Payment Service Providers in the SEPA area adhere to the scheme, and not all banks are capable of processing these type of transactions.


Bulletins are a highly efficient method of money transfer: CBILL is a circuit for private companies and providers, and can easily be used either as a B2B or as a B2C scheme. This API package allows for a seamless integration of the tool onto management systems or front-end interfaces.


In Italy, Public Administrations allow to settle dues by firms through this specialized bulletin service. This package of APIs allows for the service to be integrated into management and administrative productivity tools.

Postal Forms

The bulletin par excellence, the Postal Form is an effective payment solution for utilities and larger companies, albeit with an API interface that this package offers, even more agile and nimble players can leverage this scheme: great for reconciliation and cash payments.

F24 (Simple)

The F24 scheme is the Italian National tax filing module. It is simple, standard, and clearly defined. Through this API package it is possible to send completed modules directly to a banking institution for processing.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway REST APIs are currently under development.

Acceptance (POS & Cash)

This package of APIs allows you to read in real-time all transactions and other activities that occur at the POS in store, as well as reading information in real-time from the Cash-in machines.

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