Banking as a service

This solution aims to make it possible for those who do not belong to the world of finance and banking to integrate into their offerings also services generally provided by players in this sector to their customers. In addition to the services themselves, which are perfectly compliant, there are also the means to manage, distribute and deliver the service environment. This innovation revolutionises the business models of all the players involved and creates a new landscape, that of open finance.

The advantages of innovative banking

When online financial services typically offered by banks can also be offered by other players to their customers, business models change for everyone, in a new win-win scenario.


Even companies that are not classified as banks or financial institutions can include banking services in their offering, enriching it and making it more complete and effective in the eyes of the end customer.


All banking operations can be carried out without any human interaction, this is the goal of Fabrick, which aims at total automation, always leveraging the use of APIs.

What can it do for you?

Automatic reconciliation

It associates the payment transaction upstream with the paid title making the reconciliation process automatic for both physical and digital payments.

Deferred payments

Manages split and deferred payments, over time or recurring, and the regulation between the company and the credit institution.

Integrated SDD system

Fully integrates the SEPA Direct Debit payment system from the stipulation of the payment mandate (fully digital) to collection management.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Performs reconciliation between the transaction and the settlement, for payments made via SmartPOS, Virtual POS, Bank Transfer on Virtual IBAN and now also SEPA Direct Debit PSD2 PIS.

Cash Pooling

Improves corporate treasury management by centralising, virtually or effectively, all the financial resources (inflows and outflows) of a group in a single company.

Equity crowdfunding

Provides all the tools and technologies needed to launch, manage and monitor equity crowdfunding campaigns in a completely secure and compliant manner.

Fabrick producers involved


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With its platform, Fabrick provides access to the operations of the company’s current accounts and those of the intermediaries in the distribution network. Thanks to its rich ecosystem, it is also able to offer solutions for the automatic reconciliation of both physical and digital payments

Use case

This Spanish international bank chose Fabrick to land in Italy and present itself with an innovative offer designed specifically for Italian clients, thus being able to adapt its services and business model to the peculiarities of the market and the needs of local customers. All this with a surprising time to market of less than 12 months.

An opportunity in many different areas

  • Business Enterprise

    New business horizons and new market spaces to be conquered.

  • E-commerce

    A sector in which automation linked to banking as a service can revolutionise business and productivity.

  • Regulated entities

    This market segment can also find advantages and optimisation opportunities in banking as a service.

More efficient accounting and administration thanks to embedded solutions and increased automation offered

Ability to build new business models by enriching your offering with value-added financial services

New business models originating from financial services now available thanks to the as-a-service model

Specialised solutions can provide a significant boost to this type of business, making it more agile and efficient.

Off-the-shelf solutions available in an open and agile way to expand their offering

Low costs and very fast implementation times for each customised innovation introduced

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