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PSD2 Gateway

The Fabrick PSD2 Gateway is a software platform offered to payment service providers (i.e. payment institutions, electronic money institutions and credit institutions), which consists of a dedicated API based interface for Third Party Providers (TPPs) according to the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2) and the relevant RTS (EU) 2018/389 on SCA and CSC. Indeed, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway enables ASPSPs and TPPs to be fully compliant with the PSD2.


Account Servicing Payment Service Provider are financial institutions providing and maintaining payment accounts (e.g. current accounts, credit cards) with online access (internet banking), which, under the PSD2 legislation, will have to open up an interface to allow authorised and registered third parties (TPPs) to initiate payments and access account information.


Third Party Providers are companies that provide value added services by integrating the access to banking products and services via API with the consent of the final customer.

Third Party Providers are either/both Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) or/and Account Information Service Providers (AISPs).

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The functionalities offered in the context of the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway are available via API through the Fabrick Platform, the technological backbone of the Fabrick ecosystem. Fabrick Platform provides additional insights and analytic details concerning each API, alongside every value chain.

TPP authentication

Check of a TPP’s eIDAS certificate providing the proof of its origin, information concerning the TPP’s identity and the corresponding PSD2 roles (i.e. AISP, PISP, PIISP). In case any of the TPP’s critical regulatory data changes, the Fabrick Platform receives an instant notification in order to immediately block the TPP that is no longer authorized.

PSU authentication through SCA

The Fabrick Platform’s authentication system of Payment Service Users (PSUs) adheres to the Berlin Group’s standards (Redirect, OAuth, Embedded and Decoupled). As required by the PSD2, Fabrick Platform also provides SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) functionalities via OTP dynamic links. Each ASPSP can choose which methods to expose to its customers.

Consent management requests for access to payment accounts

Set of dedicated APIs enabling Third Party Providers (TPPs) to ask, within the PSD2 perimeter, access to online payment accounts and to manage the “register of consents”, ensuring that the access takes place with the consent of the respective Payment Service User (PSU).

Balance request management, transaction list and funds availability

Functionalities enabling Third Party Providers (TPPs) to execute specific API calls concerning balance request, transactions list and funds availability to Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSPs) in order to access payment data according to the Berlin Group standards. The Fabrick Platform is also able to set out any maximum amount of “unattended” calls.

Payment request management

API calls enabling Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) to execute payments directly through servicing accounts and, on PISPs’ request, to manage the SCA for each single payment.

Berlin Standard group

Fabrick Platform adopts the Berlin Group standards, a set of pan-European payments interoperability standards and an harmonization initiative with the primary objective of defining open and common schemes and processor-independent standards for the API initiatives of the European open-banking ecosystem.

The Berlin Group has released three main versions of the XS2A interface standard to date. Fabrick Platform is in line with the most recent version,which is the Version 1.3 dated 19 October 2018.

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Gateway architecture

The business architecture enabled by the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway is the one provided by the XS2A interface (Access to accounts) required by the PSD2 Directive.

Through the Public Layer PSD2-API, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway provides Third Party Providers (TPPs) with the access interface to payment accounts of Payment Service Users (PSUs).

A TPP can get access to a PSUs’ account as Account Information Service Providers (AISP) and/or Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP).

On the other side, through the ASPSPs Interface Layer, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway enables connection to Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs).

Account service providers that publish their APIs on the Fabrick PSD2 gateway are


The Fabrick PSD2 Gateway responds with relevant content allowing payments creation and consents management with PSD2 compliant logic.

Developers Environments


Trial environment, external to the enforced security perimeter, for which there is no need to provide eIDAS certificate and a valid x509 certificate is enough. In the Test environment the ASPSP is a bank simulation software that could reply with static information.


Development and test environment, with full security policy enforcement. To get access to this specific environment the TPP needs to provide eIDAS certificate. API invocation returns dynamic content answers with out-of-sync data.

Production Environment


Production environment where API based sevices are run, with full security policy enforcement. To get access to this specific environment the TPP needs to provide an eIDAS certificate. API invocations return online dynamic content answers.

The Fabrick PSD2 Gateway Developer Manual provides full information about the integration of our PSD2 APIs.

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The following reference table provides the URLs of the sandbox environments of the ASPSPs for which Fabrick PSD2 Gateway already exposes APIs.

You can start testing the integration following the instructions provided in the PSD2 Gateway Developer Manual.

Sandbox Domain
Banca Patrimoni
Sella Personal Credit
Borsa del Credito