Check IBAN

Check IBAN is a solution that allows you to instantly verify the actual matching of an IBAN code with a specific Tax Code or VAT number.

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Fabrick’s new proposal anticipates a new market trend that sees an increasing use of direct payments from bank accounts, even for online and e-commerce portals.


A tool like Check IBAN is particularly effective for all those services that require a bank domiciliation such as those of telco and utilities operating in Italy.


Check IBAN has a strong impact on the quality of service offered to the end customer who can take advantage of a service in a simpler and faster way.

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Check IBAN is already used by CREDIMI

Credimi chose to use the Check Iban solution in his onboarding and KYC process, i.e. the recognition of the client’s identity, so he no longer has to worry about sending evidence that links Iban to his company.

Main targets

Telco & Utilities

Allows you to easily and quickly manage recurring payments for bills or subscriptions


Allows you to reduce the time required to pay tax bonuses and all operations that require verification of the iban association and tax code


Allows instant verification of the iban during the acquisition phase of new customers to all credit providers


Allows you to automate the identity check in crucial phases of the relationship with the customer, such as the payment for the investment

“Check IBAN enriches our proposal of innovative services aimed at making our customers’ offer more competitive in an age when digitization is the first driver of growth.”

Giulio Rattone – CIO at Fabrick

A flexible architecture

The flexible architecture also allows for a series of solutions which, based on similar architectures, enable a wide range of services.

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