Empowering businesses to innovate through easy-to-integrate Open Finance solutions

We promote a new way of doing finance by supporting the collaboration of fintechs, businesses and financial institutions on our open platform, internationally.

Fabrick and its subsidiaries serve over 100.000 clients all over the world


By leveraging Fabrick's PISP license, Q8 can offer its retail and business clients a new method of recharging their wallet via "account to account" (A2A) payments, an alternative to credit cards.

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Your trusted partner to grow

Our platform combines Open Banking and Open Payment services, enabling the co-creation of new business models and innovative services, fostering growth and opportunities for all participants and delivering the concrete advantages of innovation to the end customer, either consumer or business.


The future of financial services is open and connected, and models based on open platforms represent the new value chains, enabling collaboration between players operating in any industry and the crossing of data to extract value and foster the development of new use cases and business models.


We accelerate our customers' innovation, helping them solve their current problems through ready to use solutions on our platform and anticipating tomorrow's needs, also thanks to the integration of third-party services. The ultimate goal is to create advanced user experiences, where financial services are an added value that is perfectly integrated into the experience with the product or service.


We believe that innovation arises and develops when ideas and perspectives are shared. This is why we promote an open innovation culture and encourage strategic collaboration initiatives among fintechs and incumbents, supported by the strength of our ecosystem and open platform model.


We believe that innovation in all contexts, including the financial one, increasingly requires an open and collaborative approach to deal with exponential changes, especially technological ones, while relying only on internal resources. Collaborating within open platforms like Fabrick allows for a significant reduction in innovation costs and time to market.


We are committed to creating a sustainable financial ecosystem through innovation and collaboration. Our open platform enables the development of efficient, transparent, and inclusive financial solutions, also thanks to the power of our own ecosystem, providing access to cutting-edge technologies that allow companies to remain agile and ready to respond to changes.

Our products

Account aggregation - AISP*

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Open Banking payments – PISP*

The solution for account-to-account (A2A) payments to improve security, reconciliation and speed of execution.

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