Customer stories

Customer stories

Our customers' testimonials show how Open Banking and Open Finance respond to the new needs of companies and end customers, generating opportunities and simplifying processes.


We help companies around the world create better experiences through innovative financial services

“Reale Group, during an extensive digitization process of its business, has recognized the innovation offered by Fabrick’s Payment Orchestra™ platform as an opportunity to evolve its operating model for the management of premium collections, allowing our networks to offer between different means of payment, both traditional and innovative.”

Massimo Luviè

Joint General Manager of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni and General Manager of Banca Reale

Businesses that trust Fabrick


The flexibility of instant payments on smartphones
Flik Pay, the P2P and P2B mobile payment app developed by Fabrick for Bankart, is based on Fabrick's HCE portfolio and allows money to be transferred among users and to pay in-store.

Banca Progetto

Product innovation thanks to AISP

Thanks to Fabrick's Account Aggregation services, Banca Progetto, an Italian company specialising in the provision of credit to SMEs, has created Cream: a new credit solution dedicated to private customers that uses the data collected from its customers' current accounts to analyse spending habits and disburse loans without the need to upload income documents.


An app for the Italian market thanks to Banking-as-a-Service

In just 10 months, we have enabled BBVA to develop an app for the Italian market, providing it with the APIs to transparently process its customers' domestic payments through our "Banking-as-a-Service" offering in collaboration with Banca Sella. With this solution BBVA has gained considerable advantages, in terms of costs and time to market.

Bene Assicurazioni

Simplify collection management and policy reconciliation

Thanks to the integration of Payment Orchestra™ services, Bene can offer end customers the widest selection of payment solutions available, automatically reconciles the collection through the upstream association between the payment transaction and the paid title and manages the automatic splitting of collections across supply chain players, both in immediate and deferred mode.


Innovative digital hospitality solutions

Through its PISP and AISP licences, Fabrick has made it possible for BeSafe Group to expand its digital offering by integrating instant credit transfers and automatic reconciliation within its payment gateway.


Improving the customer experience in car rental

The integration of Check IBAN has allowed Brumbrum, a car Ecommerce, to reduce online fraud and improve the overall shopping experience, reducing manual errors and speeding up the long-term rental process.


The cloud-based digital assistant for SMEs and professionals

Fabrick's AISP licence enables CashDirector to offer automatic invoice and account reconciliation as well as cash flow control services, resulting in time-saving and a more effective monitoring of cash flows.

Crédit du Nord

Biometric authentication for card payments

Crédit du Nord has chosen Fabrick's Identity Check Mobile (IDCM) solution to provide its card-holding customers with biometric authentication for remote transaction authorisations.


Digitalising loan signing with Open Banking

Thanks to the collaboration with Fabrick and to the integration of the Check IBAN and digital onboarding services, Creditis allows banks to offer personal loans with a secure, rapid, and fully digital onboarding process.


Online trading accessible to everyone

With Check IBAN, Directa SIM - one of the first online traders in Italy and the world to allow private investors to operate directly on the markets - credits liquidity to invest faster, guaranteeing greater security on Anti-Money Laundering checks and improving robustness of internal control procedures.


A custom-developed light bank

DOTS is the online banking app developed by Fabrick for the BPER Group that allows you to manage an IBAN card associated with an e-money account. Thanks to Fabrick's PFM solution, the app also provides finances monitoring.


The Software House promoting companies' digitalisation process
The collaboration with Fabrick gave Easy4Cloud the opportunity to launch BancheInCloud, a Business Intelligence platform for managing SME's aggregated current accounts, leveraging the opportunities offered by the AISP licence.


Reaping the benefits of Open Banking with Fattura24
By leveraging the PISP licence, the PSD2 Active Engine and Fabrick's multi-bank connection software, Fattura24 has implemented an automatic account data import service for creating new value-added functionalities for freelancers and SMEs.

Genio Diligence

Document Certification Analysis, Control and Security
Leveraging Fabrick's one-shot AISP licence, Genio Diligence takes a real-time snapshot of the end customer's economic and financial position, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information provided.


New investment opportunities for everyone
To meet its users' needs, HYPE has introduced an in-app investments feature, thanks to the integration of the Bitpanda solution in white label mode, through Fabrick's API platform.


Open Banking implementation at its finest
Illimity Bank enables its customers to aggregate several current accounts, including accounts held in other banks, and execute payments directly from its app, thanks to Fabrick's AISP and PISP licences.


Simplifying companies' access to bank credit
With Fabrick's AISP licence, Kalaway provides value-added services to SMEs and corporates, such as up-to-date balances of their current accounts and real-time bank NFP value.


Increasing payment opportunities and improving user experience

By integrating Fabrick's solutions that leverage AISP and PISP licences, the Italian equity crowdfunding platform has expanded its payment methods offer, improving the overall user experience.


Automated accounting reconciliation and financial planning solutions

PSD2 Active Engine and Fabrick's PISP licence are the tools that enable Mustweb to offer its customers high value-added services, such as automated reconciliation and multi-bank account and credit card aggregation.

Net Insurance

The benefits of Open Finance for the Insurance industry

The integration of Fabrick's Payment Orchestration solution has optimised and automated Net Insurance's payment and reconciliation processes, simplifying the complexities typical of this industry.


Real-time management of P2P lending flows

Prestiamoci collects recurring transfers from loan applicants thanks to Fabrick's digital mandate and SDD payment management platform, simplifying and automating refund processes.


Seizing PSD2 opportunities to improve the shopping experience

Fabrick's PISP licence allows Q8 customers to top up their digital wallet for fuel purchases by direct debit from their current account, in addition to credit and debit cards.


TIM Personal: the mobile banking solution in partnership with HYPE

TIM mobile customers can request a prepaid virtual card on the Mastercard network and access money management and payment services on smartphones thanks to Fabrick's API platform.