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Investing is now within everyone’s reach

Thanks to the collaboration with Fabrick, Bitpanda allows banks and fintechs to expand their offerings and facilitate end-user access to investments in digital assets.

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Open Banking and machine learning for a more effective and faster disbursement of credit

Following the partnership between Fabrick, and Banca Progetto, the information underlying the provision of the financing service is enriched.

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Verify the identity of digital customers and evaluate their trustworthiness 

The cloud platform that enables real-time processing of hundreds of pieces of data resulting from the analysis of digital footprints (phone number, email address, IP address, device, browser).

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The Data Appeal Company

Data that make a difference

The Data Appeal Company collects, measures and analyses online information from reviews, market surveys and industry studies and combines it with geographic and contextual data to extract insights into the market positioning and performance of specific industries.

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