ProductAISP – Account Aggregation

AISP – Account Aggregation

The solution to help users manage accounts more efficiently and enable companies to analyse bank records, improving the customer experience.


This product is not available in the UK. Fabrick provides this solution only in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. If your business has a registered office in Italy, Spain, France or Portugal and you would like more information, you can contact us here.

Manage multiple accounts from a single access point

The Account Aggregation service provides users with aggregated and centralised information on all their current account activity to better manage their personal finances.

Two ways to access customer account data

The service, with the consent of the account holder, allows companies to collect this information on a one-time basis, also from several current accounts:

  • IBAN
  • Account data
  • Transaction history
  • Accounts balance

Customisable to the company's needs, a record can be consulted according to what is made available by individual banks.

How to access accounts

Fabrick provides its AISP licence and technology components to allow all companies, including non-financial ones, to reap the benefits of Open Banking through an easily integrated solution.

Account selection and aggregation

When purchasing a product or service (e.g. a financing request), the end customer is redirected to a Fabrick web page to connect one or more accounts.


After selecting the accounts and accepting the Terms and Conditions of the service, the end customer authorises the “one-shot” or recurring transmission of their account information to the provider of the service they are purchasing.

In the case of the recurring AISP service, the completion of the due diligence (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering questionnaires is required.

Information Accessibility

The platform accesses bank data four times a day and provides the company with the latest available information.

Use cases

Multi-bank App

The Account Aggregation service allows companies to set up applications that aggregate information from multiple accounts of different banks in order to offer their customers value-added services such as customised multi-bank financial management, investment consulting and expense management.

Credit scoring

Access to multi-account financial information on end customer transactions expands the information gathered through traditional tools to assess their solvency, resulting in a more precise analysis.

Data strategy services

Transaction data collection and aggregation enable the adoption of more efficient business strategies based on the resulting information database. Analysis of purchasing behaviour can guide marketing and commercial strategies in shaping specific financial products as well as in setting the service pricing based on the study of competitors.

Account holder verification

By providing real-time access to bank account records, companies can simplify customer identification in the onboarding process to their services, ensuring account ownership confirmation, improving overall service quality and reducing churn rates.

Automatic Reconciliation

By integrating the Account Aggregation service, EMSs can manage automatic reconciliation between payments and purchase orders and invoices.
The service automatically generates a data-format copy of the customer's account statement, in order to verify their collections and cross-check them with the accounting records, providing additional information to simplify reconciliation processes.

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