ProductFabrick Guaranteed payments

Fabrick Guaranteed payments

The end-to-end (E2E) security solution for fraud prevention in the post-authorisation phase (post-auth), based on artificial intelligence (AI).


Data analysis for fraud prevention

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms and data enrichment, such as behavioural analysis, geographic region and payment amount, the platform assesses individual transactions in the post-authorisation phase.

Gateway integration

The solution can be seamlessly integrated into the gateway and embedded in the payment process, identifying fraudulent transactions with minimum delay.

Frictionless payments

The payment analysis process does not impact the end customer’s journey. This guarantees a seamless buying experience, reducing friction in line with the best practices on the market.

PSD2 compliant

By leveraging the features of the European regulation, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) turns from a potential challenge to conversion rates into an opportunity, thanks to optimised exemption management.

Flexible solution for different needs

Fabrick Guaranteed payments security solution can be integrated with two configurations, providing maximum flexibility while guaranteeing the same outcome: all frauds not detected by the system are fully refunded.

Shop Protection

The platform processes all transactions, providing an in-depth analysis and assessing their validity and risk level.

Select & Submit

All payment data is sent to the platform, allowing businesses to choose which transactions need to be analysed by the platform.

Post-authorisation (post-auth) fraud control

In the post-authorisation phase, Fabrick Guaranteed payments analyses the exempt payment and either declines or approves it according to the analysis outcome, also allowing the merchant the choice to capture it at any time.


Post-authorisation payment analysis.


“Declined” or “Approved” outcome.

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