Open Finance for the Insurance world

The insurance industry can leverage the opportunities of PSD2 to automatically manage collections across the whole supply chain.

PSD2 compliant payment orchestration

Orchestrating payments in the insurance sector allows for simplified collection management across multiple touchpoints, cross-channel processes and multiple actors, from the distribution network to the companies involved.

Multi provider

Thanks to payment orchestration it is possible to access a variety of different payment methods and providers, both online and offline, to fulfill different needs and ensure a smooth payment process across the whole value chain.

Automatic splitting of payments

The splitting of premiums among the actors involved, which is a key factor for insurance companies to reduce the time needed for administrative duties and streamlining processes.

Account aggregation

Businesses can benefit from Open Banking via an easy-integration solution that allows insurance companies and their distribution intermediaries to access account operations.

Time saving thanks to process automation

Automatic reconciliation of finances and bank transfers and streamlined splitting of collections and payments among the many players involved in the distribution ensure savings of time and resources and process automation.

Customer stories


Reale Group

Optimised management of insurance premium payments and collections

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Technology and prevention for a better experience

Technological solutions and fraud prevention tools to create new insurance proposals, guaranteeing high standards of security.

API suite for a better customer experience

A comprehensive suite of APIs to implement customisable value-added services that can be easily and quickly integrated into business processes to optimise the customer experience.

Increased security

Thanks to innovative fraud prevention solutions for pre- and post-authorisation fraud checks with a chargeback guarantee.

Our products

Fabrick Payment Orchestra

Improving multi-provider payment processing and simplifying information and reconciliation flows.

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Fabrick Payment Gateway

The gateway to accept Ecommerce and in-app payments, with 250 alternative payment methods and 20 acquirers.

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Fabrick Advice

Real-time risk analysis leverages online SCA, improving acceptance rates.

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Fabrick Guaranteed payments

Offering post-authorisation fraud control and 100% reimbursement of unidentified fraud.

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Account Aggregation – AISP*

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Open Banking payments – PISP*

The solution for account-to-account (A2A) payments, improving security, reconciliation and speed of execution.

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Payment orchestration: a new model for multi-channel insurance collections

41% of insurance companies involved in an EY study say they have begun conducting tests to understand the best application areas for artificial intelligence, which is already transforming the insurance industry.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving the most advanced platforms that orchestrate payments, directing them to the most efficient providers, improving the subscription experience and automating the distribution of premiums and commissions across the supply chain.

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