ProductPayment Orchestra™

Payment Orchestra™

The payment orchestration platform to accept and manage cross-border end to end payments: thanks to an automatised, centralised, and integrated management of the entire payment lifecycle.


The benefits of payment orchestration

Process automation

Increases efficiency by simplifying business activities, reducing errors and manual intervention.

Payment processing cost optimisation

Optimising payment handling processes reduces operating costs while improving efficiency and financial control.

Fraud prevention

Integration of fraud detection tools ensures secure payments and the protection of both end customers and the company.

Split payment

Manage collection splitting between the parties involved, ensuring an efficient and balanced management of the pay-outs.

Control over all payment stages

Being able to monitor all stages of the payment process ensures accurate control, traceability and regulatory compliance.

Automatic reconciliation

Automatically reconcile transactions with purchase orders, optimising efficiency and reducing errors.

Alternative payment methods

Accept alternative cards and payment methods to meet the needs of individual markets and the purchasing habits of businesses and consumers, reducing both integration time and time to market.

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Single platform, multiple adapters

Orchestrating payments through a multi-provider solution maximises acceptance rates, as smart routing can direct payments executed via traditional and alternative methods to more efficient acquirers and fraud prevention systems for each transaction, optimising costs and the customer experience.

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Payment management optimisation

Omnichannel acquisition

Accept payments across all sales channels, physical and digital, thanks to a wide choice of payment solutions and centralised collection management on a single dashboard. Enable seamless online and offline touchpoints, ensuring frictionless customer journeys.

Collecting and reconciliation

The platform facilitates payment collection and payment processes and reduces reconciliation time by automatically associating each transaction with the paid order, streamlining financial and cash flow management.

Split payment

The commissions due to the agents and partners involved along the supply chain are automatically transferred to the stakeholders, both deferred and in real time, ensuring efficient management of financial flows and minimising manual error.


Streamline payment management by automatically distributing collections to merchants and sub-merchants, based on splitting rules set by the merchant, and facilitate reconciliation and reporting.

Value-added services of payment orchestration

Account-to-Account payments (A2A)¹

Thanks to Fabrick’s PISP license businesses can allow customers to pay from their current account, without the need to access home banking and without the risks associated with manual procedures.

Digital Mandate and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

The platform is designed to manage recurring payments (debited to an account or card) in an integrated way via a fully digital process, that starts from the mandate signature to the SDDs collection.

Virtual IBAN

A virtual bank account number is associated with each buyer or invoice in order to automatically verify the issuing of individual bank transfer payments in real time.

Fast scoring²

Based on PSD2 data and artificial intelligence engines, it provides a fast, accurate and inclusive customer credit assessment, to offer deferred payments and financing, improving the customer experience.

Loyalty and rewards

Improve customer engagement by rewarding the most loyal customers with targeted coupons and referral programmes, seamlessly integrated into the payment cycle and customer journey.

¹ Disclaimer: This product is not available in the UK. Fabrick provides this solution only in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. If your business has a registered office in Italy, Spain, France or Portugal and you would like more information, you can contact us here.

² Disclaimer: This product is not available in the UK. Fabrick provides this solution only in Italy. If your business has a registered office in Italy and you would like more information, you can contact us here

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