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Lending place

The suite that streamlines and facilitates businesses’ access to credit.


This product is not available in the UK. Fabrick provides this solution only in Italy. If your business has a registered office in Italy and you would like more information, you can contact us here.

Fast lending

Optimise companies' workflows through the digitisation of processes and the use of innovative risk assessment models, covering the entire credit granting process.

Digital onboarding

The automatic verification of the customer's identity takes place thanks to innovative identification technologies and methods (i.e., video selfie, SPID, PSD2 + Check IBAN, ...). Data entry is minimised by retrieving information from external databases and OCR of identity documents.

Automatic and omnichannel funding request

Requests can be initiated by the customer regardless of the channel used (i.e., physical channel, smartphone, website, ...) and are accepted or rejected through automatic incremental checks.

Innovative scoring models

The use of innovative scoring engines, enhanced by PSD2 and AI technologies, allows for an accurate and democratic analysis and evaluation of the customer and ensures better identification and segmentation of virtuous customers.

Automatic resolution of practices

Rules for the automatic approval of practices in line with credit policies. “By exception” management in case of borderline loan requests.

Advance invoices

Supporting companies' cash flows, by allowing them to receive the amount of invoices before they are actually collected.

This is how an advance invoice process works:

1. Credit line opening

The company signs the contract for the advance on invoices and the bank simultaneously opens a credit line.

2. Submission of invoices for advanced payments

The company issues and transmits invoices to its customers via SDI following the provision of certain services. Among these, it chooses those to present for the advance to your bank.

3. Bank assessment

The bank carries out checks on the invoices that can be advanced and makes a decision on the method and amount of advance payable for each individual invoice.

4. Credit disbursement

The advance granted is disbursed by the bank.

5. Post-sales

Through the Fabrick platform, the company can digitally manage any requests for extensions, voluntary extinguishments (partial or total), or any additions to the amount.

Main features


It provides easy consultation of company reports, advance and prepaid invoices.

Invoice acquisition

Allows for the uploading of invoices in standard XML format or image, even via smartphone.

Guided advance request and digital signature

It guides the user in drawing up the advance request, with the possibility of adding a digital signature before sending it to the bank.

Contacts and notifications

Automatically stores the counterparts included in uploaded invoices and allows all events related to the advance process to be displayed in real time by setting alerts and notifications.

Post-sales management

It is possible to request an extension, the partial or total repayment, or the increase of the amount of existing advances in a quick and simple way.

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