Fashion: payment orchestration for diverse collecting needs

In a very heterogeneous sector in terms of target, markets and type of products, fashion companies can have very different collecting needs, that can be benefit from payment orchestration to tap into new markets, increase conversion rates, revenues and streamline payment processes.

Safe and fast cross-border payments thanks to payment orchestration

When it comes to payment processing, it is essential to offer tools that can integrate perfectly into the purchasing process, ensuring frictionless transactions and in line with the expectations of the end customer.

Cross-border payments

Deliver a fully localised and customised payment experience for every market by detecting the customer’s country and currency, and then providing the best payment options locally, worldwide, while saving on acquiring commissions and operating costs of integration.

Omnichannel experience

Online and offline sales are optimised thanks to enhanced payment processing, alternative payment method availability and a centralised collection management system. The end-to-end configuration allows control over all sales channels, delivering shopping experiences in line with customer expectations.

Conversion rates

Smart routing allows companies to cut costs and reduce rejected payments, while streamlining payment processing. In addition, the integration of solutions capable of handling SCA, leveraging the exemption opportunities offered by PSD2, increases the number of accepted payments by improving the conversion rate of shopping carts.

Alternative payment methods

Digital wallets, A2A payments, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions are just a few examples of alternative payment platforms that, when integrated according to customer and market preferences, build loyalty and reduce churn rates.

Customer stories



The perfect embodiment of the Open Payments philosophy applied to multi-brand luxury and fashion.

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End-to-end configuration

From the Ecommerce check-out page to fraud prevention and to the reconciliation of finances, the end-to-end configuration allows you to have control over all different sales channels and processes, while delivering a shopping experience in line with demanding customer expectations.

Automatic reconciliation

Allowing companies to save on internal resources, while reducing risks and ensuring an error-free process. Customisable to the merchant’s needs, this is an optimal tool to effortlessly streamline and optimise financial reconciliation processes.

Split payments

Enable businesses and platforms to effortlessly distribute funds, and manage financial transactions across multiple parties, enhancing transparency and simplifying financial operations along the supply chain.

Transaction risk analysis at your advantage

By making the most of the exemption opportunities offered by PSD2, increase the number of payments that pass the authentication phase safely, bringing a tangible benefit to the shopping cart conversion rate.

Fraud prevention and chargeback guarantee

To keep your Ecommerce secure, the system determines if a transaction is fraudulent, reimbursing the full amount in case it fails to identify the fraud.

Our products

Fabrick Payment Orchestra

Improving multi-provider payment processing and simplifying information and reconciliation flows.

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Fabrick Payment Gateway

The gateway to accept Ecommerce and in-app payments, with 250 alternative payment methods and 20 acquirers.

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Fabrick Advice

Real-time risk analysis leverages online SCA, improving acceptance rates.

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Fabrick Guaranteed payments

Offering post-authorisation fraud control and 100% reimbursement of unidentified fraud

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Account Aggregation – AISP*

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Open Banking payments – PISP*

The solution for account-to-account (A2A) payments, improving security, reconciliation and speed of execution.

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Market insights

It allows account movements to be viewed, subject to the account holder's authorisation, and access to Fabrick's databases to develop sales strategies.

The key for Ecommerce growth

According to the estimates of Statista’s periodic Market Outlook reports, by 2025 Ecommerce will generate volumes that will reach $3,500 billion dollars worldwide, and fashion will represent approximately 34% of the entire Ecommerce market. Learn more about how payment orchestration has been revolutionising the fashion market.

An orchestration layer optimises Ecommerce payment processing at each stage of the payment flow, minimising the number of failed transactions due to technical issues and allowing merchants and Ecommerce retailers to save on costs while also reducing transaction time.

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