Open Finance solutions applied to fintechs

Offering a platform where fintechs can benefit from innovative solutions to grow their business, expanding their offerings by developing new services and products that meet the needs of their potential customers.

Optimisation through API and technology integration

This allows you to reduce time to market when implementing solutions for your business, while saving on resources needed to develop them in house.

Customer experience

Is improved thanks to the integration of solutions tailored to the needs of your customers in the product or service journey.

Corporate finance management

By leveraging the opportunities of Open Banking thanks to Fabrick’s AISP licence, allowing access to multiple bank accounts and simplifying financial flows.

Automatic reconciliation

From the accounts ERP systems to reduce costs and save on resources, while optimising time and processes.


Stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, offering clients smoother, faster, and frictionless digital experiences.

Customer stories


The Software House driving companies’ digitisation.

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Open banking at the service of Fattura24.

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Genio Diligence

Analysis, control and security for document certification.

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Italy's leading platform for equity crowdfunding investments.

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Technology bringing businesses closer to finance.

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Access to an ecosystem of solutions, APIs and fintech development

Through Fabrick’s fintech ecosystem, businesses can access cutting-edge technologies and solutions to integrate into their product or service offer to innovate their customer experience, generate broader value and promote entrepreneurship.

Development and integration support

through automatic API updates and support from our specialists to better integrate them in your systems.

Banking coverage

Connecting with the systems of more than 700 European banks facilitates internationalisation and helps companies achieve their time-to-market objectives.

Fintech community

Together with other fintechs help build and benefit from the sustainable financial ecosystem.

Our products

Payment Orchestra™

Improving multi-provider payment processing and simplifying information and reconciliation flows.

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Account Aggregation – AISP

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Embedded Finance is taking the world by storm

With a European market that reached $42 billion at the end of 2022, Embedded Finance solutions are a key asset for businesses looking to streamline processes, improve the overall customer experience, scale internationally and generate business growth.

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