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Thanks to the Account Aggregation solution, Kalaway updates companies in real time on their flows, anticipating their needs.


Kalaway is a fintech consulting company that serves as a partner for strategic corporate finance planning and outsourced management of banking relationships.

Kalaway's experience

"Unified access to bank accounts is a further element that makes our outsourced corporate finance management proposal even more complete. Our added value lies in allowing SMEs and large companies to manage their relations with banking and fintech operators through a single point of contact, combining the innovation of a start-up and the expertise of a team of expert consultants.”

Alessandro Allamprese Manes Rossi
CEO and founder of Kalaway

The solution

The opportunities offered by PSD2 and AISP-licensed TPPs enable companies to create new value-added services for real-time cash flow management.

Account Aggregation – AISP

The service provides continuous access to customer accounts, offering the opportunity for real-time analysis of corporate sustainability and business credit scoring.

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Thanks to Kalaway's solution, companies are kept up-to-date in real time on their cash in- and outflows, in order to monitor the company's liquidity, bank NFP and to forecast any future financial needs.

Through transaction analysis, Kalaway can also accelerate and simplify the companies' process of accessing credit.

"This partnership concretely demonstrates the advantages that an Open approach can bring both to the companies that adopt it, which easily and quickly expand their offerings, but also to users who can easily access value-added digital financial services tailored to their specific needs. In fact, the B2B2B model implemented also aims to make the service offered by Kalaway more fluid and efficient, to the benefit of the end customer."

Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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