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Why Fabrick?

People are much more than resources: they are the center of every evolution, the key to the success of each transformation. Believe, think, dare, discover: become a protagonist of change as well.


Our values


We look at new opportunities and new horizons with curiosity and the courage to dare. We enthusiastically welcome each other's ideas, seeking ever-new solutions to share.


We embrace unity and share to overcome challenges together. In building our identity, we value diversity through continuous dialogue.


We seek contact with others, mutually inspiring each other, enabling potential synergies to grow in an ever-changing ecosystem.


We proactively generate change, in search for new ways of working, aware and convinced that technological progress and constant evolution shape the path to the future.


Great Place to work

Fabrick is certified as one of the best companies to work for by Great Place to Work® Italy, thanks to all the people who are at the center of our evolution. We have achieved this milestone with pride, knowing that it is only a starting point for continuous improvement.

People as the main focus

All the tools and resources available to promote your well being and professional growth.

Flexibility and Work-life Balance

Working from remote and hybrid ways of work (office and remote).

Development & Continuous Learning

GoodHabitz, Udemy and individual and team development paths.


Anima Sana in Corpore Sano - Gympass and Stimulus.

Compensation and Benefit

Merit and market benchmark.


Award, health insurance, pension fund.

“In Fabrick, I have the big opportunity to shape my professional and personal attitudes and inclinations within a stimulating and collaborative environment. Being part of Fabrick means being the architects of change in the digital age.”

Alberto Agostini
Organization & Outsourcing Manager at Fabrick

“Working in a multifaceted ecosystem has taught me to navigate different businesses and has allowed me to collaborate with and learn from a diverse group of people. In this rich environment, we share a unique vision: shaping the future of the financial world and having an impact on the everyday life of all of us.”

Federica Arrigo
Talent Specialist Fabrick

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