Open Finance solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector

From travel to fast food chains to luxury hotels and catering, the world of Ho.Re.Ca. is diverse and varied, and with that also the payment and collection needs of each business. Fraud prevention, Ecommerce and point of sale solutions, Open Finance solutions to streamline processes: the goal is to enhance customer experience and save on time and resources.

Maximising collections and simplifying payment management

Thanks to centralised payment management, processes are streamlined and therefore businesses can focus on maximising revenues and reducing friction in the customer experience.

Centralised collection management

Accept payments from all over the world on all sales channels, physical and digital, thanks to a wide choice of payment methods and centralised management of collections on a single dashboard.

Account-to-account payments (A2A)

Enable account-to-account (A2A) payments for your digital collections, giving customers more choice and saving on fees.

Automatic payments to suppliers

Automation of payments to suppliers to reduce management time and manual errors.

Payment reminders

Send digital payment alerts or reminders, via email, Whatsapp or sms, with a quick link to invoice data and direct payments by card, bank account or alternative methods.

Automation, security and efficiency

The integration of Open Banking and Open Payments solutions simplifies business processes, from payment management to reconciliation activities, while responding to the diverse needs of international customers.

Automatic Reconciliation

Integrate the Virtual IBAN solution to have real-time evidence of payment issuance corresponding to each customer and benefit from automatic reconciliation.

Fraud Prevention

Verify the validity of information when onboarding new customers, identifying frauds and ensuring secure transactions.

Alternative payments

By orchestrating different payment solutions, you can allow customers to pay via their preferred payment methods, locally and internationally.

Our products

Fabrick Payment Gateway

The gateway to accept Ecommerce and in-app payments, with 250 alternative payment methods and 20 acquirers.

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Fabrick Payment Orchestra

Improving multi-provider payment processing and simplifying information and reconciliation flows.

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Fabrick Guaranteed payments

Offering post-authorisation fraud control and 100% reimbursement of unidentified fraud.

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Fabrick Advice

Real-time risk analysis leverages online SCA, improving acceptance rates.

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Account aggregation - AISP*

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Payment Initiation - PISP*

The solution for account-to-account (A2A) payments, improving security, reconciliation and speed of execution.

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How is the Ho.Re.Ca. sector changing?

With the post-Covid tourism recovery, the Ho.Re.Ca. sector is experiencing a strong expansion phase. In Italy and Europe, an increasing number of catering and hospitality organisations are accelerating their digitisation processes, adopting innovative solutions to simplify collections, remove payment reconciliation complexities, speed up payment processes to suppliers and increase customer satisfaction.

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