Embedded finance solutions for banks and financial services

Fabrick works alongside banks, enabling them to implement innovative and cutting-edge solutions to quickly meet compliance criteria, making the best use of financial and non-financial data, in order to respond promptly to the needs of an increasingly demanding and digitised customer base.

Enhance your offer with integrated services

Thanks to Fabrick you can find a supplier for more complex architectural functions to make the best of new opportunities with effective and quick answers to new market challenges.

Compliant in outsourcing

thanks to the automatic update when regulations change.

More robust infrastructures

from a single API point to owned contingency machines.

Data control

More effective management of algorithms and big data ensures constant data control.

Save on in-house development

with Banking-as-a-Service solutions ready to integrate, leaving the IT heavy lifting to us.

Customer stories


Banca Progetto

The Digital Artisans' Challenger Bank

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Improved customer experience and simplified processes

Monetising data, overcoming service competition, taking advantage of technology platforms, and developing smart solutions are all key for banking and financial services today. Fabrick stands as a solid and scalable partner to achieve business goals, streamline processes and enhance the customer experience thanks to integrated services tailored to their needs.

Reduced time to market

Ready-to-integrate solutions allow you to more easily access untapped market segments or needs.

Engineered fraud prevention

At your service, thanks to end-to-end security solutions, based on artificial intelligence.

Offer quick and easy loans

Enable your customers to access capital quickly, securely and easily from the place where they manage their finances.

Our products

Fabrick Payment Orchestra

Improving multi-provider payment processing and simplifying information and reconciliation flows.

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Fabrick Payment Gateway

The gateway to accept Ecommerce and in-app payments, with 250 alternative payment methods and 20 acquirers.

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Fabrick Advice

Real-time risk analysis leverages online SCA, improving acceptance rates.

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Fabrick Guaranteed payments

Offering post-authorisation fraud control and 100% reimbursement of unidentified fraud.

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Lending Place

The suite of solutions to speed up and facilitate companies' access to credit.

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Account Aggregation – AISP*

Access transactional data and enable companies to create value-added services.

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Open Banking payments – PISP*

The solution for account-to-account (A2A) payments, improving security, reconciliation and speed of execution.

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Digitisation of Finance – The Next Chapter

The latest economic slowdown has had a negative effect on the valuations of technology companies around the world. Such an impact has been extreme in the FinTech sector. According to the Financial Times, the valuation of US-listed FinTech companies has been reduced by almost half a trillion dollars since 2020.

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