The Digital Artisans' Challenger Bank

New credit products for individuals, thanks to the opportunities provided by PSD2 and Fabrick's Open Banking solutions.

Banca Progetto


Banca Progetto is the Italian organisation that offers digital and innovative banking services through a personal and people-centered approach. Specialised in granting credit to SMEs, it also offers its services to the retail market with a constant search for new technological solutions.

Banca Progetto's experience

"Our customers have the typical consumer needs of this century, in terms of timing and experience, needs that we are able to easily satisfy thanks to the bank's lack of legacy and our digital DNA. We promote and test a strategy of integrated collaboration between innovative fintechs and the bank: the partnership with two fintechs such as Faire and Fabrick, born thanks to young and talented entrepreneurs, will allow us to develop a new way of providing credit, revolutionizing the traditional market of loans to individuals and responding to the needs of increasingly digital consumers"

Paolo Fiorentino
CEO of Banca Progetto

The solution

Through the PISP and AISP licences, Fabrick has enabled Banca Progetto to develop a service that streamlines procedures and time for processing loans. These solutions help users manage accounts more efficiently, enable companies to analyse bank records, improving the customer experience , while also accepting payments via SEPA transfers, both standard and instant, and to easily integrate them into their collection applications or Ecommerce websites.


Thanks to the partnership with Fabrick and Faire's credit scoring, Banca Progetto has created Cream, a new credit product for private customers. Inclusive and easy to use, Cream leverages data collected from customers' accounts to analyse their spending habits and disburse loans without the need to upload income documents.

Account aggregation is ideal for a young target group and offers Banca Progetto the opportunity to design new products, ever closer to customers in a constantly evolving market.

"The synergy between 3 players in the financial market as Banca Progetto-Faire-Fabrick, is a truly unique opportunity. This agreement allows us to offer a financial service with a very high technological value on data provided by the Open Banking platform. Thanks to this close interconnection, we will develop and make available on smartphones an app that will instantly disburse credit into users' current accounts, a technological and financial solution never seen before in Italy and Europe"

Gianluigi Davassi
CEO of Faire

"Banca Progetto has fully grasped the advantages that Open Banking brings in terms of the expansion of its offering. The partnership will allow it to bring to the market an instant financing solution and thus respond to the need, particularly felt in the current economic context, to access credit quickly with particular attention to the user experience of the final customer. We are particularly enthusiastic about this collaboration because it testifies to the validity of the ecosystem proposed by Fabrick: on the one hand the capacity of our platform, through which the service will be implemented, and on the other the important synergies that arise within our Fintech District community, of which Faire is part and through which we have begun to collaborate with them"


Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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