Italy's leading platform for equity crowdfunding investments

Access to accounts and account-to-account payments to simplify equity crowdfunding processes for all actors involved, thanks to Fabrick's solutions.


Since 2016, Mamacrowd has been facilitating access to the capital market for start-ups, SMEs and real estate projects and intercepts the best businesses for its community of investors to invest in.

Mamacrowd's experience

"Mamacrowd has always been at the forefront in terms of technological platform and also this time we are the first equity crowdfunding portal to use online payment with PISP. We chose Fabrick because it is a market leader and allowed us to work hand in hand on the integration of the functionality."

Dario Giudici
CEO of Mamacrowd

The solution

Access to current accounts and account-to-account payments simplify equity crowdfunding processes for all stakeholders.

Account Aggregation – AISP

The 'as-a-service' solution leverages the opportunities of Open Banking by improving the user experience of raising capital.

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Open Banking payments – PISP

The ideal tool to simplify the collection of funds via automatically credited SEPA transfers, subject to the investor's authorisation.

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Mamacrowd offers its users a better and more immediate service, as well as the complete digitisation of back office processes, while investors benefit from a smoother and more personalised experience.

Through Fabrick's PISP licence, the equity crowdfunding platform provides the investment payment to the current account in an automated way, expanding the payment methods offered.

"[…] Mamacrowd has really grasped the value of our partnership: on the one hand, it has improved the experience of its customers, and on the other it has optimized its internal processes. We are proud to be able to contribute to a project that is already so interesting and successful".

Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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