Optimised management of insurance premium payments and collections

Thanks to Fabrick's Payment Orchestra™, Reale Group has improved its premium collection management and diversified its payment methods.

Reale Group

Reale Group operates internationally offering solutions and protection to millions of customers in the insurance, banking, real estate and service sectors. With the dual aim of automating its management and improving the customer experience in the field of insurance, Reale Group has chosen Fabrick's collection and payment management solution.

Reale Group's experience

“Reale Group, during an extensive digitization process of its business, has recognized the innovation offered by Fabrick’s platforms as an opportunity to evolve its operating model for the management of premium collections, allowing our networks to offer different means of payment, both traditional and innovative.”

Massimo Luviè
Joint General Manager of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni and General Manager of Banca Reale

The solution

The payment orchestration platform contributes to Reale Group's digitisation process, evolving its premium collection management operating model and increasing the range of payment methods, both traditional and innovative.

Payment Orchestra™

The set of payment services, such as SEPA Credit Transfer, PIS operations, Virtual POS, physical POS and Pay by Link service, centrally managed and automatically reconciled according to the needs of the insurance companies involved

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Thanks to the integrations developed among the platform, the company's systems and Banca Reale, the Reale Group customer experience is enhanced, including the possibility to pay policy premiums in instalments with a new, simple and intuitive experience. 

Business processes also benefit from Fabrick's as-a-service solutions that automate reconciliation procedures, allowing agencies to drastically reduce the time required for traditional administrative tasks related to collection and accounting. 

“[…] In this specific case, we responded to insurance companies’ needs as they have always had to manage premium collection and reconciliation for the policies underwritten across different networks. We have redesigned the organisational model and increased the level of efficiency and service by transforming payments from a mere commodity to a differentiating factor.”

Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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