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Through its account aggregation solution, Easy4Cloud has expanded its offerings, launching the BancheInCloud product.



Easy4Cloud is an international company, operating in the US, UK, Spain and Italy, specialised in the digitisation of different business areas aimed to simplify their management.

Easy4Cloud's experience

"Open banking has started a real revolution in the financial world. Today we have the opportunity to transform the “banking movement” into digital data available in real time; information that is useful for implementing new value-added services and designing new business processes. The digitisation of companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, is today the key to achieving efficiency and competitiveness."

Alberto Graziano
CEO of Easy4cloud

The solution

Easy4Cloud leverages the AISP-licensed account aggregation solution, which is also available for the Spanish market, to access the customer's accounts for 90 days, subject to their explicit consent, with an update up to 4 times a day. The AISP solution helps users manage accounts more efficiently and enable companies to analyse bank records, improving the customer experience.


By leveraging the account aggregation solution, Easy4Cloud expanded its offering by launching BancheInCloud. The passporting of Fabrick's AISP licence and its proprietary technology for multi-bank connectivity allowed it to offer the solution also in the Spanish market.

Through the BancheInCloud solution it is possible to link personal, family and corporate accounts, create reports, import invoices, fill out and send statements, perform payment reconciliations and send first notes automatically. The platform allows customers to control their own finances by monitoring all their accounts from a single interface, setting up reports and sharing information with co-workers and accountants.

“[…] the partnership with Easy4cloud in particular is in response to the specific needs of companies for greater efficiency, through the accessibility and efficient visualisation of all company accounts from a single touchpoint, the sharing of transactional information and the automatic reconciliation of invoices. Thanks to the passporting of our AISP licence, the project is operational in both the Italian and Spanish markets, demonstrating the opportunities our open-first model can offer. […]”


Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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