Analysis, control and security for document certification

Thanks to Fabrick's AISP licence, Genio Diligence can snapshot in real time the exact financial position of users, guaranteeing the accuracy of the data entered.

Genio Diligence

Genio Diligence operates in Italy in the area of document certification for anti-fraud purposes in the credit mediation segment. Its services allow for the analysis of any economic-credit document, ensuring their accuracy, validity and conformity of content.

Genio Diligence's experience

"We are excited about the partnership with Fabrick, it allows us to leverage regulatory opportunities to employ innovative tools to increase value in Genio's market proposition. The choice of Fabrick Pass represents a further step in our commitment to offer our customers additional, secure and comprehensive services."

Daniele Giuliani
CEO of Genio Diligence

The solution

The use of the AISP licence in one-shot mode allows Genio Diligence to take a real-time snapshot of the exact economic-financial status of users, guaranteeing the authenticity of the data entered.

Account Aggregation – AISP

The tool helps take advantage of the opportunities offered by PSD2 by aggregating information from one or more user accounts to offer them value-added services.

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Genio Diligence offers an additional and innovative layer in the core processes of document due diligence, analysing financial positions and preventing fraud from document tampering, through Fabrick's AISP licence.

The company provides its customers with a seamless user experience, minimising the complexities that can arise from a legal perspective. In addition, the company has expanded their service portfolio to include new onboarding and monitoring use cases, laying the foundation for the development of new scoring models.

"In today's environment, data is increasingly central to remaining competitive in a market that is becoming more complex every day and to proposing increasingly innovative and reliable digital solutions. As an enabler of Open Finance, we aim to enable players of any sector to fully leverage the opportunities offered by the current financial revolution, and the partnership with Genio is an example of this."

Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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