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The commission-free online checking account resulting from the collaboration between Fabrick and BBVA.



BBVA offers a commission-free online account experience. It offers a fully digital, easy-to-use, transparent and convenient banking solution to meet customers' everyday financial needs.

BBVA's experience

“The strategic alliance with Banca Sella and Fabrick, a Sella group company recognized for its experience and credibility in the Italian market, was a powerful element in launching our tax payment proposal for Italian users. This alliance makes our pioneering vision, in which we combine our strengths and experience to provide our customers with the best possible experience tangible"

Javier Lipúzcoa

Head of Digital Banking of BBVA in Italy

The solution

BBVA has integrated solutions to manage local payments, i.e. those characteristic of a particular geographic area.


Local payments

Local payments that can be integrated via API to increase selling opportunities and to enhance customer experience.

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The partnership between BBVA, Fabrick and Banca Sella allowed for an exceptionally rapid time-to-market for this sector, with a go-to-market timeframe of 10 months: from zero to the app available on the Italian market today.

BBVA's online banking offer is transparent and pay-per-use, with several services at zero cost and others on a pay-per-use basis, i.e. with payment commensurate with usage.

“Banking As A Service is a fundamental part of Fabrick’s offer: the platform model allows for easy integration of new financial services and enables banks and other players, whether Italian or foreign, to do so. What accomplished for BBVA is a unique offer on the market and only represents the tip of the iceberg of the infinite opportunities that Open Finance allows and that Fabrick can achieve”


Paolo Zaccardi

CEO of Fabrick

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