InsightsWhitepapersAlternative payment solutions: how they are changing the payment scene

Alternative payment solutions: how they are changing the payment scene

The adoption of digital payment methods continues to grow, both in the Ecommerce and in-store shopping landscape, and new alternative payment solutions are rapidly replacing credit cards. What are the main alternative payment systems by region and product sector? Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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Local and international digital payments for both in-store and online transactions

In an era where digital payments use is rising, both on the Ecommerce and in-store shopping scene, and whose value is expected to reach over $15 trillion by 2027, new payment and collection solutions are rapidly replacing credit cards. In this handbook we dive into the history of alternative payments, analysing all the different types and use cases of these tools while identifying what needs they fulfil across the world.

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In this handbook you can discover:

  • The history of digital payments
  • Trends and news on alternative payments
  • Data on the use of alternative payments

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