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Optimising online fraud prevention with payment orchestration

Cybercrime and online fraud are a real threat to consumers and organisations, that have been growing exponentially in the past years, with predictions in the future to keep expanding and present new risks, with the further and continuous development of technology to open new opportunities for fraudsters. The current scenario dictates that businesses pay close attention to fraud prevention and ensuring a safe customer and buying experience.

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Orchestrating payment fraud prevention

Download Fabrick's new whitepaper to discover the role of fraud prevention in ensuring secure transactions for businesses, the current cyberfraud scenario worldwide and the measures companies can adopt in order to protect themselves and their customers from fraud while maximising conversions and customer experience.

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In this whitepaper you can discover:

  • The current global cybercrime and online fraud prevention scenario
  • What kinds of fraud schemes are currently common for businesses
  • How businesses can benefit from fraud prevention and payment orchestration
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