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First Payment Gateway configuration

Once the Payment Gateway service has been activated, it is necessary to proceed with the first configuration following these steps.

Log in to Sandbox with your credentials:

Configuration of the Technical section

  • Specify the IP addresses of your server.
  • Fill in the fields with the e-mail addresses to which the positive/negative replies of payments can be sent and enter the URLs to which customers are redirected depending on the outcome.
  • Enter the URL of the company logo that will be shown on the payment page.

Configuration of the Administrative section

  • Enter the contact details for any communications from Axerve and those for Customer Care for buyers.
  • Specify the time between authorization and financial confirmation:
    o Contextuality between authorization and financial confirmation.
    o Separation, up to 25 days, between authorization and financial confirmation.

Once the configuration is complete, you can connect the gateway to the site and start selling.

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