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Managing payments in an Open Banking environment

Axerve is the Business Growth Partner that supports small and large companies by understanding, anticipating and addressing their changing needs with innovative technology and solutions for Point-of-Sale and Online

Axerve’s API offering on Fabrick enables merchants as well as large retail chains to collect money clearly, easily and securely in omnichannel ecosystems, integrating flexible solutions suitable for any business environment

Gestione dei pagamenti in un contesto di Open Banking

Payments become invisible

“Through its partnership with Fabrick, Axerve is making its platforms available to contribute to the concept of “payment as a service. The ability to use payment services through APIs allows payment processes to be merged with sales processes to create the best user experiences for the buyer, in an omnichannel logic where there is no longer a distinction between the physical and the online.”

Diego Lucon,
Head of Product 

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Omnichannel and the future of retail in Italy

Axerve has analyzed the key factors that have contributed to the consumer model as we know it today and, thanks to the contribution of leading companies in very heterogeneous sectors, has built models that can also be a useful analysis tool for other companies that want to operate with omnichannel logics.

I maggiori vantaggi


Thanks to the collaboration between Fabrick and Axerve, P.A.C.E. was born, the payment and collection engine platform, which allows to manage receipts and payments in a totally automatic way

Through this innovative solution, customers will be able to manage collections through the services provided by Axerve and manage reconciliations and payouts in a fully integrated manner


With P.A.C.E. it is possible, for example, to receive a payment and automate the outgoing flow in order to pay suppliers, or to aggregate collections from various collection channels such as cards, alternative payments, POS payments, etc.

Moreover, P.A.C.E. allows the operator to automate the complex processes of balancing and reconciliation, offering also the possibility to be integrated with the Customer’s management systems

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Tokenization: the strategic tool for PSD2 compliant Ecommerce

Integrating tokenization services into the transaction management process relieves merchants of burdensome certifications and improves the customer experience. Axerve has deepened the meaning of the tokenization concept and analyzed its impact on business, especially in the PSD2 compliant context.

Payment & Collection Engine offre una risposta concreta per la gestione efficiente dei pagamenti

Payment & Collection Engine offers a concrete answer for efficient payment processing: “Payment & Collection Engine is a solution suitable for all realities that provide a product or a service through a mix of sales channels; it automates and optimizes the payment process and its reconciliation, thanks to a centralized and controlled upstream management. The objective is to increase the competitiveness of the realities that adopt it.”

Fabio Simonutti,
Head of SME, 

API del Producer

  • Acceptance / Ecommerce solution

    The solution for ecommerce site payments

  • Acceptance / POS & Cash

    The tools for the management of POS Network

  • Acceptance / POS Solution

    The service to manage the POS categories.

Tokenization: the service that allows you to tokenize payment data (e.g. card data)

Payments: the function for the management of payments

Payment Page: the API to manage the checkout page


Allows access to transactions, transfers and documents


POS Solution – Category Management: the service to manage the POS categories.

POS Solution – Payments: the package that enables the creation and management of payments with POS

POS Solution – Credits: the solution that allows you to create and manage credits generated by payments

POS Solution – Tokens: the API to create and manage tokens containing payment card data


Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform.