Fabrick Producer:

Banca Sella

First mover in the italian open banking

A win-win project under the sign of PSD2

With the Fabrick project, Sella has the opportunity to offer new banking services that enrich the offer built around the PSD2 regulation

By making its APIs available through Fabrick, Sella can count on an additional distribution channel for its services and reach a wider range of customers.

Banca Sella and Open Banking

“Banca Sella believes and invests in open banking to create concrete value for its Customers by enabling, with technological innovation and consulting, their projects. In fact, it was the first bank, already in 2017 and before the introduction of PSD2, to make APIs available to companies and third parties.”

Doris Messina,
Chief Digital Transformation Officer

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Major advantages


Companies can benefit from total automation of their accounting management from collection to payment

Each company can become a promoter of new business models for financial management by strengthening digital relationships from a fiscal point of view

Third Parties

Third parties can enable the building of new business models in a practical, fast and effective way

Another advantage for third parties is the possibility to expand the number of services offered related to PSD2 that represent an added value for their offerings to the end customer

The advantages of banking as a service

Find out what it is and all the benefits of this solution born from the Sella – Fabrick project

Human component beyond tech

“Sella offers a range of services that allow us to be very versatile in creating various solutions to meet a variety of needs. This is the added value that the project itself a makes us able to offer.”

Giulio Tartaglia,
Business Development

Producer API

  • Local Payments

    Manage all types of local payments via APIs

  • Account Control

    Manage all accounts via API

  • Equity Crowdfunding

    Solution dedicated to portals registered with CONSOB

  • Sepa Direct Debit

    Full stack solution for digital SDD management

F24, PagoPA, CBILL, Bollettini: payments via API, to make ordinary administration more efficient.

F24 on behalf of third parties: for Payment Institutions, both Italian and non-Italian, the solution for processing payments on behalf of their customers is also available


Import all your account information automatically, to organize it in a more functional way

Simplify payment operations by integrating functions and controls


Fully automated solution for campaign management.

Full compliance with CONSOB regulations


SDD, the recurring payment par excellence in the SEPA area, with Sella through Fabrick can be managed completely via API.

Management via API allows the realization of faster and more dynamic flows, with consequences on the improvement of management.


Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform