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Centrico operational and IT backbone for fintech ecosystem

State-of-the-art, robust, flexible and modular technology infrastructure for new fintech challenges

Centrico, thanks to a hybrid approach, offers both technology services and BPO services in a single offering, giving its clients the possibility to face all present and future challenges in a complete and structured organic way.

Native integration between Centrico and Fabrick gives rise to end-to-end turnkey solutions built by leveraging Centrico’s modular and flexible technology infrastructure and Fabrick’s open finance platform to build end-to-end customer experiences with a go-to-market comparable to fintech.

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Discover and choose what you need for the «fast route» thanks to the Fabrick/Centrico solution.

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Offers an open API microservice technology infrastructure

Is able to comprehensively cover all the typical processes of the financial services world thanks to a transversal and 360 degree expertise

Is able to offer a hybrid approach to the most complex administrative issues and a wide range of value-added services

Has an advanced 24/7 cybersecurity unit for anti-fraud and traffic control services

Fintech (and Imel )

Offers a unique mix of robustness and flexibility for rapid go to market

Covers all types of credit processes in a well-structured and comprehensive way

Offers maximum flexibility for all payment types, in real time and at reduced costs

Can rely on AI skills to support customers in both marketing and control automation

API del Producer

  • KYC-as-a-Service – Process Flow

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  • KYC As A Service – OTP

    Coming soon

  • KYC As A Service -Documents

    Coming soon

  • KYC As A Service – Anti Money-Laundering

    Coming soon

  • KYC As A Service – MasterData

    Coming soon

  • KYC As A Service – Utilities

    Coming soon

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Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform