First player in the open banking world born in Italy but with an international scope

Fabrick as API producer

Fabrick offers a wide range of Best-in-class alternatives via APIs in an open ecosystem perspective aimed at developing innovative solutions.

Thanks to the variety of APIs offered, it is possible to create solutions aimed at the realization of complete software suites

Accessibility and the new competitive arena

“On our platform we publish proprietary APIs, easily integrated, to respond to market demands, allowing our customers to be always fast and timely. Ours is a continuously evolving offering that takes into account all key process factors: technological and regulatory evolution, economic sustainability and process optimization.”

Giulio Rattone,

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Major advantages

Banks and Payment Institutions

By turning to Fabrick’s offer you can count on an excellent outsourcing offer

Banks and Payment Institutions can use Fabrick to develop complete projects that meet their customers’ needs.

Software provider

In Fabrick there is a single point of contact with whom to develop multi-brand platform solutions.

Through Fabrick’s offer, service providers can take advantage of a convenient standardization of the integration process.

API del Producer

  • Check IBAN

    To simplify recurring payments

  • SDD mandates

    For recurring expense collection

When executing SDD it is possible to immediately verify the correspondence between IBAN and tax code

In KYC processes, Check IBAN strengthens and completes the verification process

With a single API package you have a single end point to create and interact with SDD mandates

It is possible to make a payment request both via xml and via the modern JSON format

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform