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The cloud platform that enables real-time processing of hundreds of pieces of data resulting from the analysis of digital footprints (phone number, email address, IP address, device, browser).

Fabrick and Fido make the process of activating financial services more secure

Fido is a SaaS digital footprints platform that relies on hundreds of digital signals for customer quality assessment and analysis. Through the use of proprietary ML algorithms, Fido provides customer data and scorecards to companies of all sizes.

By exposing the relevant APIs on the Fabrick platform, Fido services can be adopted by financial institutions, fintech companies, and corporations from any industry. With these solutions, it is possible to automate client onboarding processes, reduce fraud risk, and increase conversion rates without impacting the user experience.

Collaborate to innovate together

“By partnering with Fabrick, Fido makes its APIs available for analyzing digital footprints easily, quickly and effectively.
Fido’s data can be used to power scoring algorithms for identity verification, digital fraud prevention and digital marketing campaign optimization.”

Paolo Mardegan,
Fido Spa

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Unlock the power of digital footprints

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Why did Fido choose Fabrick as a partner?

Fido chose Fabrick as a strategic partner both for the complementarity of the products and solutions offered, and as a driving force to continue to open up ever faster in new markets.

Through the collaboration with Fabrick, Fido aims to create innovative products and ad-hoc lead, credit and fraud scoring solutions, in response to specific customer requests and interests.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that facilitate the co-creation of customized financial solutions through the Fabrick platform