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Integrated software solutions for the financial world and wealth management

Real Estate Wealth management

Enhance your customer offer developing real estate asset strategies and delivering actionable analytics, with an integrated solution aligned with real estate investment portfolios objectives.


Your Payment Partner to Grow

Integrate multi-channel and multi-currency acceptance for payments, both physically and virtually

Axerve, the first Payment Hub in Italy, with over 100,000 customers, 250 payment methods and dedicated support, is the ideal partner in choosing the most reliable and innovative collection solutions. It offers payment systems for Point of Sale, Ecommerce and Omnicanality


The digital investment platform that makes investments accessible to everyone

Investing is now within everyone’s reach

Thanks to the collaboration with Fabrick, Bitpanda allows banks and fintechs to expand their offerings and facilitate end-user access to investments in digital assets.


Your superior Push Notification services

Superior push notification services

Implement Catapush solutions to ensure guaranteed and timely delivery of your mission-critical messages


Centrico operational and IT backbone for fintech ecosystem

Conto Lingotto

Investment in physical gold available via API


Give finance the shape you want

Build and integrate your fintech project by choosing brick by brick its features

Fabrick provides a B2B2C ecosystem of technologies and services to banks, enterprises, and fintechs to empower them all to create customized financial solutions


Open Banking and machine learning for a more effective and faster disbursement of credit

Open Banking and machine learning for a more effective and faster disbursement of credit

Following the partnership between Fabrick, Faire.ai and Banca Progetto, the information underlying the provision of the financing service is enriched.


Give an edge to your portfolio with best in class financial engine

Stay connected with your money

Independent high quality providing of funds data, research and custom software solutions for financial services


Verify the identity of digital customers and evaluate their trustworthiness

Verify the identity of digital customers and evaluate their trustworthiness

The cloud platform that enables real-time processing of hundreds of pieces of data resulting from the analysis of digital footprints (phone number, email address, IP address, device, browser).


Discover new opportunity by enable in app investing

Enable Investing for Fintechs

Gimme 5, a brand of AcomeA SGR, makes your customer savings at work to offer a 360° solution for digital investing


Reconcile payments automatically


The trusted communication platform as a service

Omnichannel business communications

Kaleyra API-based platform enables omnichannel experience, being integrated with the leading helpdesk software, e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and marketing tools.


Empower B2B Insurance to hedge against professional risks

Your Business Insurance

Insurtech solution based on data collection and sector analysis mixed with artificial intelligence which can make the difference. Lokky puts technology and its experience to create the perfect insurance pack to fit your business needs.


A new advanced asset management service

European and national leader in digital wealth management

The added value of Moneyfarm’s digital wealth management is that it is a hybrid model, which adds to the technological component a human one with important expertise in asset management and asset allocation and financial consulting.


Digital CFO platform at the service of SMEs


Enable unlimited mobile digital payments

Innovative way to make digital payments directly from your smartphone

Unlimited, flexible, global and secure tool to send money directly to the payee’s smartphone without having to worry about entering the payee’s IBAN code or what the payee’s bank is. Depositing a Plick is even simpler. You can do it where and when you want without having to download new apps or registering with any service.


The platform serving digital credit


Technology enabler for Salary Deductible Products

A new way to promote employee financial wellbeing

A full set of APIs that allows products or services providers to integrate their systems with payroll information of entities, providing access to a new risk assessment tool, as well as the possibility of deducting installments directly from one’s salary.


Enrich your fintech offering with banking as a service opportunities

The bank is open to TTP, which can thus respond to the new needs of end customers.

Banca Sella supports, step by step, families and entrepreneurs in realizing their aspirations, responding to all financial needs.


The marketplace lending, in complete security

Enable installment payments on e-commerce financed by private investors

Soisy is a Payment Institution authorized and supervised by the Bank of Italy and guarantees the functioning of a marketplace where financing requests and investment offers meet.


Cybersecurity assessment services to protect your digital presence

The Italian Cybersecurity firm

The automated service to scan for web vulnerabilities, identifying security vulnerabilities and criticalities of websites and web applications. The first step to quantify risk levels and to provide preventive and corrective actions

The Data Appeal Company

Provides analysis to grow the business and make strategic decisions

Data that make a difference

The Data Appeal Company collects, measures and analyzes online information from reviews, market surveys and industry studies and combines it with geographic and contextual data to extract insights into the market positioning and performance of specific industries.

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