Virtual IBANs

Transactions have never been cleaner

Have you ever had problems with an invoice? Have you ever had issues with a client-supplier relationship? Have you ever had concerns in improving the management of your different business units? Discover the Virtual IBAN: a tool for the magical partitioning of your bank account and the easy labeling of transactions

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Crystal Clear Invoicing

Produce an invoice, create a Virtual IBAN, match the two. With an easy, three-step process, you will be able to have a crystal clear view, at any time, about the status of expected receivables

Simplified eWallets

A tool to magically partition your bank account, unleashing new and innovative ways of managing cashflows within your company, Or the fastest way to roll out consumer services in a new country if you are a Payment Institution

Transparent client relations

Dealing with suppliers and clients requires trust. And trust can be fostered by transparency: the Virtual IBAN can help you understand better how your clients (and suppliers) behave by giving them a virtual tool for a privileged financial relation

API Only

The wonders of automation in your hands, on your own terms: a Virtual IBAN tool conceived as an API-only service unleashes new and unexpected improvements in the digital management of any company


for Corporates

enable unit or department based accounting, develop supply chain relationships, improve client management

for Fintechs

a purely digital, nimble, and scalable solution which can adapt and grow along with a rapidly evolving situation

for SMEs

Improve accounting practices, abate processing times, and lighten your relationships with clients.

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