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How to create a new user

In the Users section, by clicking on New User, you can create a new user and assign custom permissions.

Creating a new user involves 3 steps:

1. Entering the e-mail and choosing the role between:

  • Manager
    It can add and manage team users and assign workspaces.
  • Operator
    It can manage operations on the Dashboard and / or analyze data but not manage Users or Workspaces.

2. Choice of organizations - In this section you can choose one or more organizations within which the user can operate.

3. Workspace or Shops - At least one Workspace or Shop must be assigned. For each one, it is necessary to specify the type of permission (viewer or editor) to identify the User's management perimeter.

Once these parameters have been defined, the request can be finalised by clicking on the "Invite" button.

Difference between the Edit permission and View permission

The Edit permission allows you to: capture, cancel and refund a payment. The View permission only allows you to view payments and manage reporting.

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