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How to create a Preset Filter

During the second step of creating a Report, you can select a Preset filter, i.e. a custom filter. In the pop-up window you can see the "Create Preset Filter" button that allows you to create one.

Once you have clicked on the button, the creation screen appears, in which you are asked to:

- Write the name you want to assign to the filter.
- Select the type of Payment to include in the filter:

  • Channel (Online, POS, Cashin).
  • Method (Cash, Credit Card, Alternative Payments, Digital Wallet, QR Code).
  • Circuit (eg Visa) and country of origin of the payment provider.
  • Country of payment.
  • Last 4 digits (the last 4 digits of the payment card).
  • Name of the bank

- Select one or more events (eg authorized, captured, deleted, etc.) and the range of amount (min and max) and currency
- Set the status which the payment is found in the filter:

  • Payment (eg authorized, captured, canceled, etc.).
  • The Guaranteed Payment service (only for those who have activated the fraud prevention service) by selecting one or both badges.
  • The version of the 3DS (3DS 1.0 or 3DS 2.0)

- Specify the IBAN and brand / ID of the merchant

After defining the criteria, by clicking on “Create filter”, the Preset filter is generated.


All entries are active and visible in the default results. Select only the filters for which you want to change the default behavior.

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