The Overview page allows you to have a general customised view of the payments of the selected Workspace, whose information is organized within customizable Widgets according to your needs.

Widget function

Each Widget on the Menu page can be added to the home page using the appropriate "Add Widget" button, deleted and moved manually, based on the priority you want to assign to it.

Home page customisation with Widgets 

By pressing the "Add widget" button, a screen will appear with the list of available widgets: by selecting a widget in the list it is possible to insert it in the home to customize it.

Let's see below all the Widgets available:

This Widget offers the possibility of displaying a graph relating to a customised time span with one of these information:

  • Income period
  • Average receipt
  • Payments OK
  • Total payments

For the following graph, you can also activate the "Download" function by clicking on the gear icon at the top right, where both png and pdf format downloads are available.

Customisable time frame for PAYMENTS Widget

Within the PAYMENTS Widget, you can select a custom time frame. Specifically, "Date" and the "Compare with" option, which allows the choice of three different periods:

  • Previous period
  • Previous month
  • Previous quarter

The STATUS Widget gives an overview of the payments' status. It allows you to view a graph (donut or line) of the payment status, and to activate the "Download" function to download in png and pdf format.

It shows the last 5 payments with: amount, status, date and time.

It shows the last Reports, if there any were generated.

If the selected Workspace is a group of shops, in this section it is possible to compare the performance of the shops:

  • Donut chart with the transaction versus the total
  • Graph of the trend on the selected period
  • Shop name
  • Total payments
  • Revenue
  • Average receipt

The METHODS Widget gives an overview of the payment methods used for payments and offers the opportunity to select a reference period. You can select the "Type of graph" and activate the "Download" option in both png and pdf formats.

Similar to the METHODS Widget, in this case it is possible to view a chart of the cards’ Circuits used for payments, with the option to select the "Type of graph" and download it in png and pdf format.

This Widget is present if the fraud prevention service has been activated and it shows, in a donut or line graph, the status assigned by the service, with the option to download it in png and pdf format.

This Widget is dedicated to displaying payments in their respective currencies, with the option to download it in png and pdf format.

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