Fabrick Venture Capital: Investing in the future of finance

Our mission

Fabrick Venture Capital is dedicated to transforming the world of finance by investing in new innovative players.

With a focus on B2B fintech, vertical SaaS, and emerging techfin technologies such as Web3, AI for Finance and RegTech, we support start-ups from pre-seed stage to Series A. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to disrupt financial services and to drive sustainable change.

Supporting the growth of start-ups


We provide essential financial resources to fuel the growth and expansion of promising start-ups, helping entrepreneurs secure the funding they need to bring their ideas to life and gain scale.

Compliance and Risk

Our team supports portfolio companies with understanding and keeping the pace with industry regulations, minimising risk, and ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Technology and Product

We help portfolio companies build and enable new use cases by leveraging Fabrick’s cutting-edge technology and product suite to accelerate their development.


Thanks to our cross-industry connections and market expertise, we help start-ups identify distribution channels, forge strategic partnerships, and gain access to the right target audience, accelerating market penetration and growth.

Some of our Portfolio companies

We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of dynamic and innovative companies.



Viceversa offers revenue-based financing tailored for Ecommerce businesses. By providing flexible funding solutions, Viceversa supports the growth and expansion of Ecommerce firms, allowing for a quick access to capital to fuel growth.



Faire.ai leverages AI to transform Open Banking data into valuable insights for businesses. Focusing on consumer credit, Faire.ai empowers businesses by providing them with actionable information, enabling swift, better credit risk decisioning.



PINV empowers small businesses to take better decisions with cashflow forecasting and invoice management, so that entrepreneurs can anticipate their best next move.



Findynamic allows businesses to receive early payments for their invoices seamlessly by offering solutions for working capital management, such as dynamic discounting and confirming.



SmartPricing is a revenue management software designed for hotels, and thanks to dynamic pricing, it helps hotels find the right price at the right time, 24/7, so that empty rooms are a thing of the past.

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If you are a start-up ready to disrupt financial services, or an investor set to explore partnership opportunities with forward-thinking entrepreneurs, we look forward to welcoming you in our VC Community. Learn more about how Fabrick VC can help accelerate your growth journey.

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